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Hack Remote - Issue #6 - The weekly remote work newsletter from Unmeeting

Welcome to this rare leapling issue of Hack Remote and happy actual birthday to anybody born on 29th

Hack Remote

February 29 · Issue #6 · View online
The week's remote work trends, tips and hacks – curated by Joe Taylor, co-founder at Unmeeting.

Welcome to this rare leapling issue of Hack Remote and happy actual birthday to anybody born on 29th Feb! I’m writing this issue from San Francisco, having returned for a few weeks after being in London recently. This is a slightly shorter issue than usual due to long haul travel and jet lag!

Weekly news shake down
This week’s news is unsurprisingly dominated by the sudden uptake in remote working due to the continuing threats posed by Coronavirus:

  • In a world where remote working is seen as the future, perhaps working from home isn’t sustainable after all. Meredith Turits theorises that we might all end up back in offices. (BBC)

This week at
Another busy week as we continue to onboard new teams looking to strengthen their remote team culture. This week we changed our flow to allow for email sign ups. Previously, teams needed to have a Slack workspace. Now, anybody with an email address can join your team on Unmeeting. Try it out by visiting and let me know what you think.

Hack of the week: alternative commutes
One of the many benefits of working remotely is the extra time saved by non-commuting. Our hack this week relates to using this newly-found time to supercharge your work day. Instead of jumping straight into work, why not allocate the time you would otherwise have spent commuting to more uplifting pursuits?
Andy (Unmeeting’s CTO) noticed several members of his remote working Slack group reported enjoying ‘alternative commutes’, whereby they meditate for 30 minutes or go for a quiet work. The benefits of recapturing these lost minutes in this way would seem to involve starting work in a calmer, more relaxed state of mind. Give it a go!

Remote working salaries: how do you compare?
Ever wondered how your salary might be affected by working remotely? has started a continuous initiative to collect and share (anonymously) the salary ranges (in USD) for several popular remote working job types. Aside from see where your own compensation sits on the scale, this initiative is also very helpful for remote team managers looking to set new hire salaries. Check it out.

Weekly deep dive
This week’s deep dive is again courtesy of Rather than a long article to read, here’s a multi-part course delivered by short weekly videos on how to build and maintain your first remote team. We think this is well worth a look.
Welcome to Founding and Growing Remotely Welcome to Founding and Growing Remotely
That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend.
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