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Hack Remote - Issue #5 - The weekly remote work newsletter by

Welcome to this week’s edition of Hack Remote. I’m writing this from Northern England on a very wet a

Hack Remote

February 22 · Issue #5 · View online
The week's remote work trends, tips and hacks – curated by Joe Taylor, co-founder at Unmeeting.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Hack Remote. I’m writing this from Northern England on a very wet and stormy morning. The UK has been battered by storms the last few weeks - the perfect opportunity to work from home.

Weekly news shake down
  • Comatose commuters: the average daily commute for American workers is 26 minutes, which is 9 full days per year. As a worker, imagine what you could do with 9 more days of vacation time per year? (Best Mattress Brand)

  • Does your boss watch you on video? Ask A Manager dishes out advice on handling surveillance and a variety of other remote work-related issues.

This week at
Andy (our CTO) and I are continuing our timezone experiment with me in London and Andy in San Francisco. It’s certainly not easy building software across timezones! (Check out my blog article on those challenges…)
Unmeeting’s early testing phase is fast approaching. 30 new teams signed up in the last ~10 days and we can accommodate a few more. Sign up your team on our website or drop me an email:

Interview with a remote team manager: Dylan Fox
This week I sat down with Dylan Fox, founder of YC-backed speech-to-text company AssemblyAI. With a strong engineering-focus, check out Dylan’s tips for managing remote developers.
Interview with a remote team manager: Dylan Fox (AssemblyAI)
The big remote work report by Buffer and AngelList
This week saw the publication of an amazingly insightful study by Buffer and AngelList on the state of remote working at the start of the 2020s. They surveyed 3,500 remote workers and produced a very thorough analysis of the good, the bad and the ugly of remote work. Very well worth a read this weekend.
The 2020 State of Remote Work The 2020 State of Remote Work
Remote job of the week
This week’s highlighted remote opportunity is a frontend software engineer position in India with Supervised AI - automated customer health monitor using machine learning. CEO Rahul Pattamatta explained to us that Supervised AI is a fully distributed company, with team members in the US and India.
Software Engineer - Frontend
Deep dive: building a Slack app in 3 days: ToDoBot
Our friends Maxim and Andrew at recently set themselves a challenge: build a todo bot for Slack in 3 days. This week’s deep dive comes from Slack’s own blog post covering how ToDoBot was built and why such rapidly-created, lightweight tools are incredibly useful for remote workers.
How ToDoBot was built in three days - Slack Platform Blog - Medium
Will Coronavirus accelerate the future of work?
Tim Bradshaw and Ryan McMorrow examine the impact that Coronavirus may have on accelerating the prevalence of remote working. There’s no doubt, many new remote workers have appeared in the last few weeks. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. (Financial Times, paywalled)
Remote working is on trial in both China and Silicon Valley
That’s all for this week. Next week’s issue will come from San Francisco!
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